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Past Speakers

Past Speakers

27 June 2019 - Dr Richard O’Brien

Dr Richard O’Brien

Retired Irish Ambassador in Australia

Dr Richard O’Brien’s long career with the Irish government included his service as Irish Ambassador to Australia from 1995 to 2002. A variety of roles and postings took him to many locations around the world and has given him a wealth of experience across a variety of cultures. He also has a wealth of knowledge of Irish-Australian history. There has been so much involved in such a varied career that we were regaled with many interesting tales.

Richard spoke delightfully about his long career - from being tasked to establishing the first Irish embassy in Poland, to his posting to Australia. Many other postings around the world and so many interesting events, characters and dignitaries that have crossed his path along the way provide a wealth of experiences and topics which kept us very engaged.

Marilyn Thomas